martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

curriculum summary

-maria contreras C.D: 6832581

pres-school-123 school level liberator 1 and 2 grade-school liberator 3,4, 5 and 6 grade school san francisco

secondary education (Bachelor's Degree) 1.2 and 3 years high school alonso pacheco 4 and 5 years lyceum Coquivacoa

higher education (university) 1,2 and 3 college semester of studies maracaibo-unfinished (civil works)

1,2,3 and 4 quarter at the University Rafael Belloso (city) Business Administration

course of computing: computer technician operator course of public policies in first justice political leadership course conducted in miniature giant Democratic Institute for International and also the foundation for justice and democracy sensitization workshops perspectives, gender and construction of women citizens

1 regional meeting on the political participation of women: the foundation for justice and democracy in Mucuchíes, and International Republican Institute and Democratic Institute NDI

progress by the City Council: Protocol, Image and synergy of quality care to users of the corporation

diploma of participation, management and community leadership conducted by the International Democratic Institute University jeguesmartain Cecilio Acosta, Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement

operational command during election campaigns conducted by justice pirmero

course of electoral organization and preparation done by first justice

political training course for first justice

course of politics by first justice image

During alignment and balance of team work by the foundation as possible maracaibo

clothing for sale advice on decorations hairdresser community leader public policy makers family justice secretary secretary of the drafting committee and legislation of the Mayors (now working)

What I do now?
camera work as a secretary of a municipal councilor and am a parish community leader in Santa Lucia for the party where I first justice to Ajunta COORDINATION

My personality:

my personality is a hard worker struggling with a human sensibility, with strong character and yet impulsive

remarks, injustice, and crellente devoted to catolisismo, friendly, always trying to improve personally, challenger of OBSTACLES, and tireless in goals you can do

I am a bit suspicious, pillion, fun-loving person, but with values ..

seccion p-212

the description of my daughter andrea Makarena

I am describing a photo of my daughter andrea Makarena have a black blouse, a jetty beige, a color choes brown, their hair is black and is in a short llamaddo edification the hilton in Maracaibo

my description

I have a dress of colors: green, orange and gray scarf, beige and brown.
I also have a string with a dige and earrings, the color of my hair with black flies, I'm sitting in a chair with a table in a restaurant in the city of Maracay

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009


1-what is your las name?

my last name is contreras

2-what is your firs name?

my firs name is maria

3-what is your favorite ice cream?

my favorite ice cream is chocolate

4-what is your hobbie?

my hobbie is dance

5-what is your favorite month?

my favorite month is december

6-what is your favorite singer?

my favorite singer is marc antony

7-when is your birthday?

my birthday is 26 of march of 1965

8-what is your favorite city?

my favorite city is maracaibo

9-how old are you?

I am 44 year old

10-what is your favorite actor?

my favorite actor is brad pitt

11-what is your favorite restaurant?

my favorite restaurant is tony romas

12-what is your favorite mall?

my favorite mall is lago mall

seccion: p-212

martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

the virgin of Chiquinquira

On 31 October was the descent of our patron the Virgin of Chiquinquira a special day for all devout Catholics, and the Maracaibo and qu is the beginning of our show.

leave the virgin!


on Halloween in recent years, is a celebrated as a special day for Enjoying, have fun and dressing up. This trend has made Americans and both here and in other countries. is a holiday.

here in Venezuela is characterized by on Halloween night to party and most of all to hang out with friends and family

domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

my house

my house is painted white and blue, there are six bedrooms.

There are two living room

There are three bathroom

There is a garden

There is a garage

There is a kitchen and there is a balcony.

My kitchen has coffee maker, toaster, blonder, cabinets, kitchen.

My favorite room is tho balcony because it inspires peace, feel peace, I have a panoramic view that lets you see the lake.